What is Lale?

Lale is an online platform for organizing volunteers in refugee aid. The platform was initiated in a helper circle near Munich and is developed by a team of volunteer programmers and software experts. Organizers of a helper circle can track all tasks, supplies and projects. The effort is distributed to the volunteers by automatic emails without spending valuable time on administration.

Our Values

Lale’s goal is to support local volunteer groups in their efforts to help refugees. We are trying to do this by providing a very easy to use, but also highly professional and robust solution, tailor-made for the work of helper circles. All people contributing to the Lale project share the same vision and core values, which guide our daily efforts and decisions.

Our Team

Lale was founded by Ralf Schröder, a software expert, and Matthias Walz, a consultant for sustainable ecological business models. They are supported by volunteers from many different areas such as software development and testing, web design, legal advise, user documentation and video creation.

Ralf Schroeder

Foudner and software thinker

Matthias Walz

Founder and finance expert

Phil Monroe

Ruby architect

Kristy Gateley

Ruby expert

Phillip Oertel

Ruby master

Diego Duarte

Code4Good leader

Pierre Sauvignon

All things French

Karen Schmidt

Design angel

Andrea Schroeder

Marketing queen

Mimi Soeteman

Video master