Helper circles and volunteers

Contact us to find out more about the Lale platform. Request a demo or let us help you introduce Lale to your helper circle.

Ralf Schröder (
Zamboninistr. 15, 80638 München

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Our platform is developed in open collaboration of digital workers all over the world. The more we are, the faster we can release updates to Lale and help volunteers making a difference for refugees. You can join our efforts in many different ways.

Developers and Programmers

Look at our github repository at lale-help to find our Ruby code. We have curated issues backlog which can be picked up and jointly worked on.

Creative Minds and UX Designers

In order to make Lale as intuitive as possible, we need the best UX design to put our functionality into the hands of the often not so tech savvy helper community. You can join our discussions on