Setup working groups

Open and closed groups support trusted collaboration.
Control who can join a group
Sensitive information is kept to the right helpers
Helpers can be part of several groups

Tasks in public working groups can be viewed and taken on by all members of the helper circle.  Sensitive tasks in closed groups can only be seen and completed by members of the working group.  Documents and comments are only visible to helpers within their group.

Manage tasks

Efficient coordination of tasks and all related communication.
Define tasks precisely and quickly.
Changes can be made in one spot.
See how many helpers are needed.

There are new tasks every day. An organizer can define what is needed when and where with title, description and other key information. If you already know a volunteer for a task, you can quickly assign the task. If not, you can invite the group or the entire circle to help out with this task. Helpers receive an email and can sign up with one click.

Manage projects

Manage projects for larger challenges such as events or shift plans.
Tasks and supplies are grouped in projects with clear responsibilities.
Recurring tasks and supplies can quickly be duplicated with a copy function.
The comments thread shows questions and answers from helpers and lists all changes from the Lale-bot.

Lale can track entire projects and coordinate that all included tasks are completed on time. For example, a joint gardening project can be a joyful experience  for helpers and refugees. Many tasks such as preparing the soil, planting seeds, etc, along with all required supplies can be tracked efficiently. You never lose sight of the overall project progress while handling individual tasks efficiently.