The Lale platform is now available to all volunteers in the corona pandemic.
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Manage TaskS

Efficient coordination of tasks and all related communication.

Define tasks precisely and quickly.
Changes can be made in one spot.
See how many helpers are needed.


Request supplies and coordinate the delivery.

Exactly define what is needed.
Invite groups by email.
Attach documents or flyers.

Manage ProjectS

Manage projects for larger challenges such as events or shift plans.

Tasks and supplies are grouped in projects with clear responsibilities.
Recurring tasks and supplies can quickly be duplicated with a copy function.
The comments thread shows questions and answers from helpers.


Helpers can quickly find open tasks and sign up.

Better distribution of tasks by clear dashboards.
Menu structure for navigation on the left side.
Display of urgency of tasks by color.


Create public or private working groups and assign organizers.

Control who can join a group.
Sensitive information is kept to the right helpers.
Group organizers can create new tasks and assign them to group members.

Register helpers

Secure Onboarding of new members with simple link.

Approval of new circle members.
Secure directory of all helpers.
Better communication between helpers.


Better networking of helpers with useful directories that respect data privacy.

Convenient access to contact data of other helpers.
Data privacy settings are respected for each helper.
Display of recent activities of helpers.

All-in-one platform

Organizers of a helper circle can manage all helper information and communication  in one system. All data is always up to date and readily available.

From anywhere, for everyone

Exchange of information is simplified, because all helpers can access Lale at any time from their PCs, laptops, mobile phones or tablets. Multiple roles allow effective organisation of information.

Innovative and secure

Based on new technologies, the platform provides intuitive user experience and a high level of data security. With just one click helpers can sign up for tasks. Lale is tailor-made for the work in helper circles.



More help,
less administration